The DEC Library

Our new library has been updated to meet the needs of all our pupils. From new computers to allow homework completion to quiet places to indulge in a book, our new library has learning at its centre.

Reading Club

Placed conveniently in the centre of the main building, the library is open before and after school to ensure that our pupils can always access the materials needed to facilitate and extend their learning. Our newly built library promotes comfort and engagement in reading through a modern environment and facilities. Furthermore, the space has been designed to be user friendly and accessible so all pupils, including those who are less physically able can use the space.

The books are organised in the library to support the selection of Accelerated Reader, a programme to extend and challenge reading ability, books so every pupil has a text that builds their confidence. The space has been upgraded with comfortable chairs to encourage reading. We also have a library assistant to ensure that the environment is safe and successful for learning. Through the use of regular pupil feedback, we are able to purchase books based on pupil requests and recommendations, ensuring that all pupils have access to a book they will love.