The Pastoral Teams at Dame Elizabeth enable all students to receive outstanding pastoral and academic support, helping them to believe that they can achieve their full potential. Our core values are based on providing a high-quality education for all pupils and ensuring that they make a positive contribution to everything that they do both in and out of school. We work to ensure all pupils are able to stay safe, healthy, are able to enjoy and achieve excellence during their 7 years with us; enabling them to progress into further education, higher education and/ or employment with success and an intrinsic drive to always be the best that they can be.

In order to achieve their full potential, all students are aware of the importance of being in school and being punctual. Our attendance data is improving each year in all three Houses and it is important that that we continue with the upward trajectory. Those whose attendance is above 98% have greater chances of making expected and above progress in their subjects as well as opportunities in building rewards points that can either be cashed in or saved for items from our rewards shop that has proved to be very popular with our pupils at Dame Elizabeth.

The reward system enables Head of Houses to celebrate a host of successes that contribute to outstanding learning and progress. Pupils, who work hard, attend well and show excellent behaviour attitudes in lessons make above and beyond expected progress, which is evident in their assessment data. They are recognised through celebration assemblies, postcards home and a Rewards Trip at the start and end of the year. Pupils are also recognised for incremental points achieved throughout the year with specific certificates and badge colours. Further information regarding rewards can be found in the behaviour policy.

The four houses, Durham Exeter, York and Warwick compete to be the best, with every student making their own important and valued contribution. Houses are involved in a range of competitions in order to win different trophies at the end of each term. Please do not hesitate to contact your Head of House below if you have any questions.