Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School. There are many ways that we actively promote good mental health and wellbeing which include:

  • An effective transition from KS2 which accounts for pupil anxieties and fosters early relationships
  • Pupils have access to a range of trusted adults within school and contact with external agencies to provide individual support as required
  • Pupils have opportunities to socialise and make meaningful connections with their peers
  • Explicit teaching of wellbeing strategies and tools and signposting to support as part of our Personal Development programme (PSHE lessons, assemblies and form time activities)
  • Emotionally responsive and warm teaching
  • Behaviour concerns are managed in predictable ways and there is an emphasis on teaching positive behaviour
  • Pupils access a broad and exciting curriculum and talents and areas of interest are fostered
  • The voices of pupils are listened to and acted upon
  • Pupils have access to an extracurricular programme which promotes learning new skills and keeping physically fit and active
  • Opportunities for pupils to give to others through active citizenship
  • A mental health calendar which celebrates key national days such as World Mental Health Day, Time to Talk Day and National Stress Awareness Day and includes additional whole-school initiatives such as DEC Wellbeing Week
  • Sessions for Year 11 pupils on managing exam stress
  • Display boards which offer strategies to support mental health and wellbeing such as 'Dame Elizabeth Cadbury's 5 Top Tips to Wellbeing' 
  • External speakers such as Loudmouth and David Graham (Natural High)
  • Updates in the parent newsletter
  • Twitter and website updates with our latest wellbeing activities