School LetterDate Download Link
Warm Weather Letter15.07.2022Download HERE
Locker Letter07.07.2022Download HERE
Summer Letter05.07.2022Download HERE
School Photographs01.07.2022Download HERE
End of Year 11 Information27.06.2022Download HERE
Year 7 Parents Evening23.06.2022Download HERE
Sports Day Letter22.06.2022Download HERE
Induction Process27.05.2022Download HERE
Trust New Schools Transfer - Have Your Say24.05.2022Download HERE
Year 11 Update24.05.2022Download HERE
Work Experience Letter19.05.2022Download HERE
Broad Street Public Transport Letter16.05.2022Download HERE
Headteacher's Update11.05.2022Download HERE
First Day Summer Term Letter25.04.2022Download HERE
Training Day07.04.2022Download HERE
Charity Fundraiser Day10.03.2022Download HERE
Fire Alarm Parental Letter10.03.2022Download HERE
School & Police Advisory Letter10.03.2022Download HERE
Half Term Letter18.02.2022Download HERE
Attendance Letter18.02.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Parents Evening11.02.2022Download HERE
Year 9 Options Launch31.01.2022Download HERE
January Returns Letter 202217.12.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Parents Evening14.12.2021Download HERE
End of Term Letter7.12.2021Download HERE
English as an Additional Language7.12.2021Download HERE
Headteacher Letter15.11.2021Download HERE
Malicious Communication Letter10.11.2021Download HERE
Home Testing Letter14.09.2021Download HERE
Start of Term Letter31.08.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Results Information21.7.2021Download HERE
End of Term Letter21.7.2021Download HERE
Year 13 Results Day16.7.2021Download HERE
Fiddle Toys Information15.6.2021Download HERE
Summer Term - End of Year Assessments08.6.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Mitigating Circumstances25.5.2021Download HERE
Face Mask Letter14.5.2021Download HERE
Whole School Letter - April Return12.4.2021Download HERE
Whole School Letter1.4.2021Download HERE
DEC Headteacher19.3.2021Download HERE
SEND Update18.3.2021Download HERE
Home Testing Information18.3.2021Download HERE
Parental Letter15.3.2021Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Qualification Update8.3.2021Download HERE
Return to School Letter 25.3.2021Download HERE
Return to School March Letter1.3.2021Download HERE
Medication Letter26.2.2021Download HERE
Careers Focus Day25.2.2021Download HERE
Children's Mental Health Week2.2.2021Download HERE
SEND Coffee Morning27.1.2021Download HERE
SEND Update Letter27.1.2021Download HERE
School Police Advisory Letter26.1.2021Download HERE
Wider Curriculum Day26.1.2021Download HERE
Whole School Letter25.1.2021Download HERE
Birmingham Youth Council Survey22.1.2021Download HERE
Anti Bullying BIG Award18.1.2021Download HERE
Whole School Letter15.1.2021Download HERE
Year 11 Exam Update15.1.2021Download HERE
SEND Update Letter11.1.2021Download HERE
Spring Term Update8.1.2021Download HERE
BTEC Examination Letter6.1.2021Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Letter6.1.2021Download HERE
Year 10 & 12 Letter6.1.2021Download HERE
Year 7, 8 & 9 Letter6.1.2021Download HERE
School Return January 20211.1.2021Download HERE
Christmas Letter 202017.12.2020Download HERE
Replacement Face Coverings16.12.2020Download HERE
Acceptable Use Policy - Parental Letter16.12.2020Download HERE
Inset Day 18.12.202014.12.2020Download HERE
Training Day Reminder27.11.2020Download HERE
RSE Policy Consultation18.11.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Letter17.11.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Letter16.11.2020Download HERE
Police Advisory for Parents12.11.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter - Isolation Protocols11.11.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter 05.11.2020Download HERE
Oscars Celebration Postponement02.11.2020Download HERE
Core PE Covid Letter23.10.2020Download HERE
Darker Nights Parental Letter20.10.2020Download HERE
Parental Survey19.10.2020Download HERE
Training Day Reminder05.10.2020Download HERE
Prom Update Letter28.09.2020Download HERE
Year 7 Welcome Evening25.09.2020Download HERE
Public Health England Letter25.09.2020Download HERE
Calendar Changes25.09.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter22.09.2020Download HERE
Tier 1 Face Coverings12.09.2020Download HERE
Safeguarding Online Parental Letter08.09.2020Download HERE
RE Curriculum Letter08.09.2020Download HERE
Reading Information Letter07.09.2020Download HERE
Homework Information Letter07.09.2020Download HERE
Bedrock Consent Form07.09.2020Download HERE
Face Coverings28.08.2020Download HERE
Year 13 Mock Exams27.08.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Mock Exams Letter27.08.2020Download HERE
GCSE & A Level Retakes Letter27.08.2020Download HERE
Digisafe Letter23.07.2020Download HERE
Summer Reminder from West Midlands Police23.07.2020Download HERE
Reopening Plans September 202016.07.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Results Day13.07.2020Download HERE
Year 13 Results Day08.07.2020Download HERE
Whole School Update Letter29.06.2020Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Parental Letter16.06.2020Download HERE
Year 10 Reopening Letter03.06.2020Download HERE
Year 10 & 12 Update22.05.2020Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Update22.05.2020Download HERE
Year 7, 8 & 9 Whole School Update22.05.2020Download HERE
PSHE Half Term Resources21.05.2020Download HERE
Parental Update13.05.2020Download HERE
Wales Trip Update07.05.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter04.05.2020Download HERE
FSM Update23.04.2020Download HERE
Parent Guide to FSM Vouchers20.04.2020Download HERE
Whole School Letter20.04.2020Download HERE
FSM Voucher Update07.04.2020Download HERE
Letter to Students - Summer Grading 202003.04.2020Download HERE
Whole School Update31.03.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom27.03.2020Download HERE
Year 11 & 13 Parental Letter25.03.2020Download HERE
Closure Notice - Year 7 - 1020.03.2020Download HERE
Closure Notice - Year 1120.03.2020Download HERE
Closure Notice - Year 1220.03.2020Download HERE
Closure Notice - Year 1320.03.2020Download HERE
Birmingham City Council - Family Forum Meetings05.03.2020Download HERE
World Book Day25.02.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Prom 202011.02.2020Download HERE
Parental Letter 07.02.2020Download HERE
Year 8 Parents' Evening30.01.2020Download HERE
Year 11 Revision Mock Exams28.01.2020Download HERE
Maths Enrichment Trip Letter24.01.2020Download HERE
Year 9 Parents Evening17.01.2020Download HERE
Maths Trip Letter - Bletchley Park17.12.2019Download HERE
Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Lunch 09.12.2019Download HERE
Unico Live - Dangerous App Notice05.12.2019Download HERE
Youth Parliament02.12.2019Download HERE
Early Closure Letter - 11/12/201927.11.2019Download HERE
Staff Training Day 25.11.2019Download HERE
Year 8 German Market Trip12.11.2019Download HERE
Ofsted Parental Feedback Meeting24.10.2019Download HERE
Ofsted Outcome - Parental Letter23.10.2019Download HERE
Darker Nights - Happy Halloween Safety Message22.10.2019Download HERE
Charity Day Letter17.10.2019Download HERE
Peter Pan Trip Letter14.10.2019Download HERE
Ofsted Letter - Thank You04.10.2019Download HERE
County Lines Parental Letter04.10.2019Download HERE
Oscars Letter03.10.2019Download HERE
Berlin Trip03.10.2019Download HERE
Year 11 Parents Evening03.10.2019Download HERE
Blists Hill Trip30.09.2019Download HERE
A Guide to Parents - Ofsted Inspections23.09.2019Download HERE
Ofsted Letter to Parents23.09.2019Download HERE
Marking Parental Letter23.09.2019Download HERE
Year 7 Settling In Evening18.09.2019Download HERE
Peter Pan Show Trip16.09.2019Download HERE
Locker Letter12.09.2019Download HERE
Welcome Back Letter09.09.2019Download HERE

Our very own Ellie Sibbald-Perkins continuing to do Dame Elizabeth Cadbury and the Birmingham community proud as a baton bearer for the #QueensBatonRelay

#BatonBearer #TeamGB #CommonwealthGames

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