Why we love languages.

Learning languages at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School is more than just words and grammar put together. Languages are not a sole subject, they are at the heart of many cross curricular links, such as the underpinning of the English language, problem solving in maths and understanding the world around them. The language your child learns equips them with keys for new doors of opportunities, which few have access to.


Languages offer a variety of skills enabling your child to become better communicators and therefore more understanding of others’ culture and values. It is more prominent now than ever, that our pupils are upstanding in breaking down social barriers and misconceptions. Languages will only ever benefit an individual no matter how much or little they envision using it, be it travel, employment, day to day life or critical thinking. At the heart of our vision is your child’s future. Their language journey may begin in our classrooms but lead to exceptional aspirations locally, nationally and internationally. There is such a demand nowadays for languages skills in many professions, making this our priority that our pupils broaden their horizons and stand out from the crowd with the skillset that languages provide.