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It was a privilege to take part in the lessons of Auschwitz, the trip to Poland brought a deep and spiritually fulfilling experience. The journey through the life of victims of the Holocaust before and after the rise of Nazi Germany was excellently delivered, profound and meaningful as our ambassador took us through the once thriving Jewish communities in Oswiecim, in which there is no evidence of Jewish inheritance remaining. The trip to Auschwitz death camp has brought a new understanding to the scale of the genocide, the developed infrastructure and scale of the camp is something that cannot be conceptualized without directly experiencing it. The camp was efficient and effective in its purpose and that highlighted the message of the Holocaust and why it is so impactful, the use of modern technology for logistics of mass murder states a message that even in this modern world we are still capable of such abhorrent acts. The Holocaust Educational Trust developed my understanding of the Holocaust past statistics on a page and gave a personal account of suffering which I would highly recommend to anyone as in the words of George Santayana - "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it"

Andrew Long, 2019.


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