Digital Technologies

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, we offer a range of subjects under the umbrella of ‘Digital Technologies,’ namely Design & Technology, Computing/IT and Media, and Business Studies (GCSE/ BTEC option at key stage 4.)

Practical Projects

Within Design & Technology, pupils follow the national curriculum, studying elements of design and practical projects in which pupils use specialist tools to create products using a complex range of materials and evaluate them by investigating and comparing new innovative technologies. All pupils have the opportunity to study food and nutrition, learning to cook a repertoire of healthy, savoury dishes. Additionally, we offer the opportunity for pupils to study textiles, and work with a range of different materials and design ideas within their lessons.


All pupils also have the opportunity to study Computing across key stage 3, which prepares them well for future GCSE options in Computing and Media. Pupils at Dame Elizabeth study programming, computational thinking as well as digital media and e-safety. Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their Computing skills at key stage 4, equipping them with the skills they need for life beyond school.