Why Become a Prefect?

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School we have a proud tradition of a successful Prefect system where students can take on a variety of different leadership roles including varying roles of the Prefect Senior Leadership Team such as: Sixth form Prefect, Head Boy and Girl and Senior Prefects.

The Prefect System at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School is highly respected and prefects are proud to wear their Prefect ties and badges. Our prefects are positive role models who help to promote the culture and ethos of the school by supporting both staff and students.

All prefects receive training and are supported in their completion of a weekly break and lunchtime duty. Our Prefect Team also play an important role in supporting after school events including Parents’ Evenings and Induction Evening.

The Prefect System at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School reflects our whole school commitment to each and every child, so that they achieve the very best results that allow them to proceed into adulthood as confident, well-qualified young people, with a strong sense of self discipline.

Students are eligible to apply at the end of Year 9 if they meet the criteria relating to attendance, punctuality and behaviour records and if they feel they have the qualities needed to be successful in the role. Students complete a written application outlining their qualities and their leadership skills and experience and staff are asked to nominate suitable students. ​
A Head Boy and Girl Prefect election process is held for those students shortlisted for the Head Boy and Girl roles. All pupils in the school as well as staff vote for their chosen candidate. Senior prefects are decided on the strength of the students’ application.

The role of a School Prefect is wide ranging with many different responsibilities. The responsibilities of all prefects are outlined below:

Represent and serve the whole school community;

Represent the views of students and the wider school community appropriately and through the correct channels and structures;

Promote the school in a positive way internally to pupils and to the wider community externally;

Set the highest standards of dress, behaviour and attitude at all times.