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In Science lessons, we aim to engage pupils actively with applications of the curriculum in the wider world. However, pupils rarely get to use some common equipment including an infra-red spectrometer or NMR machine in lessons due to the expense (above £50,000). However we were lucky enough for Dr Peter Hoare from the University of Newcastle to visit Dame Elizabeth Cadbury with this equipment and pupils in Y10 (30 pupils), Y11 (20 pupils), Y12 and Y13 (Chemistry A-level pupils) had the opportunity to use it.

Pupils got:

  • a chance to engage with fundamental techniques of analytical chemistry
  • hands-on demonstration of UV-visible, infrared and NMR spectroscopy
  • insights into research and industrial applications of these techniques
  • opportunities to hear about further study in chemistry-related career options

Dr Peter Hoare began by introducing your students to the principles of spectroscopy. They then moved from theory to practice by revealing fascinating, real-life applications – giving students a go at using IR and UV/vis instruments and (in some regions) NMR devices for themselves.

The interactive style of the workshop helped many students imagine what a career in chemistry might actually look like for them. We used this opportunity to encourage further study by showing them the range of important, inspiring and unusual occupational options a qualification in chemistry could lead to.

“It was fascinating to see and use the IR-spec. I hope I can use one when I attend Uni” A. Alammar Y12 A-level Chemistry pupil.

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