Austria Ski Trip 2023

Half term saw the return of the greatly anticipated, annual Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School Ski Trip. This year we travelled to the town of Malta in the Oberlungau region of Austria with 47 students. 

After a long journey we all hoped that the 30 hours in the coach would be worth it, and we weren’t disappointed! We met our instructors who, following some basic lessons, helped us down some blue and red slopes depending on student ability. Watching the progression of the students from relative amateurs to competent skiers was a real highlight! Students spent 7 hours a day on the slopes, taking in the beautiful surroundings whilst perfecting their skiing skills, and watching various members of staff stack it in the snow, Mr Bradley taking fall of the week for styling it out by pretending to attempt an avant garde camera angle…. 

The Hotel Malteinerhof was cosy and provided us with a comfortable, warm base from which we could plan the next day’s activities, eat breakfast and delicious three course dinners and on one evening take part in Mr Smith’s (suspiciously heavily rugby themed) quiz.

Students also enjoyed swimming on 2 nights at local pools, taking advantage of some pretty impressive slides. Having the run of the whole facility led to some heavily competitive races and a ferocious game of water polo on one evening! 

Special thanks go to Miss Chaplin, Miss Essex, Mr Smith and Mr Bradley for volunteering to come along and help with the trip. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

At all points on the trip, students conducted themselves with impeccable behaviour. They were polite and respectful to one another, staff and ski instructors, whilst displaying incredible resilience and determination on the slopes to get the best out of this experience. They were a real credit to the school and to you, their parents and guardians. 

The window has opened to register interest for next year’s trip, so students please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Faulkner if you wish to attend! Places are already going fast!

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