University of Birmingham ‘Big Maths Quiz’

Some of our high achieving year 9 and 10 students took part in the long standing ‘Big Maths Quiz’ held in the Great Hall at the University of Birmingham on 12th March. The students did incredibly well, competing in 3 teams of four across five quiz rounds. The rounds varied from matchstick logic, to countdown puzzles, among a tribute round to renowned mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. A huge well done to Mimi B, Macy W, Dylan C and Samson R who made up our Team C, who were three points from placing in the final three, as well as our other two teams who showed great determination and aptitude throughout. Students also listened to a taster mathematics lecture as well as a tour of the university campus, a great experience for our students. Here’s to continued success next year.


UK Maths Challenge Results are in!!

Thousands of pupils from across the UK sat the Intermediate Maths Challenge on 31st January. This is a prestigious opportunity which provides some of our most ambitious year 9 pupils the chance to excel at mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency outside of the national curriculum. The Dame Elizabeth Cadbury students did fantastically well, with seven receiving certificates overall; the biggest success was from Dylan C receiving a Silver award! Congratulations to our talented mathematicians!


Turing Stockholm, Sweden 

Embarking on a journey beyond borders can be a transformative experience for students, offering them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures, languages, and traditions. Recently, a group of 35 adventurous pupils from across Matrix Academy Trust had the incredible opportunity to explore the city of Stockholm, Sweden through the Turing Scheme. This government-funded scheme enables pupils to experience other cultures. 

Our first activity was a visit to the Paradox Musuem, which offers an engaging exploration of optical illusions. Visitors are invited to pose for some great pictures as part of these illusions, before walking to the Avicii Experience, where our pupils enjoyed DJing alongside the groundbreaking DJ and producer, experiencing his music in a unique and immersive setting. 

Later that afternoon, our students had the opportunity to visit Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s charming Old Town, exploring landmarks such as the Royal Armouries. They also delved into the world of Nobel laureates at the Nobel Prize Museum, learning about the importance of science, literature, and peace in shaping our world.  

On our second day, we visited the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. As you step into the museum, you’re greeted by the Vasa ship, a preserved warship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and was salvaged centuries later. Our pupils also enjoyed exploring Lego versions of the world’s most famous shipwrecks. 

Following this, our students had the pleasure of exploring the iconic music of Sweden. At the ABBA museum, they were immersed in ABBA’s iconic costumes and memorabilia, exploring interactive exhibits and singing and dancing along to timeless hits.  

On day three, we paid a visit to the Tekniska Museum of science, technology, and innovation. Here the pupils enjoyed interactive exhibits, followed by lunch at Max Burgers – Sweden’s (significantly better) answer to McDonalds.  

In the afternoon, we took a scenic boat tour around Stockholm’s archipelago, where we got to see the city’s iconic landmarks from a unique perspective. And in the afternoon, the competitive natures of staff and pupils kicked in with an outdoor escape room adventure around the historic town. Divided into teams, pupils navigated their teams and their teacher through the narrow cobblestone streets, solving clues and unravelling mysteries, where only one of our groups solved the clues to find the final code! 

On day four, our pupils had the opportunity to visit Töjnaskolan, a Swedish school located in the suburbs of Stockholm. Stepping into the classrooms of Töjnaskolan, our pupils were struck by the differences between British and Swedish educational systems. Aside from being instant celebrities, they noticed smaller class sizes, a longer lunchtime and no school uniform. The visit sparked discussions between both sets of pupils about the different educational models, encouraging our students to reflect on their own learning experiences and cultural perspectives. 

On day 5 was a visit to Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, showcasing Swedish life from centuries past to the present day. Our students were delighted to explore the native animals of Sweden, with the highlight of the visit being the opportunity to hand-feed some of the friendly birds that call Skansen home. 

On our final day, our pupils experienced an adrenaline rush at Skypark Vaxholm, an exhilarating outdoor adventure park. They navigated treetop obstacle courses, zip-lined across forests, and conquered thrilling challenges, pushing their limits and building confidence. 

As our pupils bid farewell to Stockholm and boarded their flight back to London Heathrow, they carried with them memories that will last a lifetime. The trip embodied Matrix Academy Trust’s ethos of Education without Exception. Through experiences like the Stockholm trip, we empower our students to open their minds to endless possibilities and shape them into compassionate, informed global citizens. 


Warwickshire Chance to Compete Indoor Cricket Finals

As part of our long standing affiliation with Warwickshire school cricket, we were cordially invited to a regional finals event held at the Doug Ellis Centre, Perry Barr, Birmingham. The team, expertly marshalled by Jack T (our captain) were a credit to the school/trust and showcased their expansive array of skills throughout the day. Unfortunately we were unable to bring the trophy back to Dame Elizabeth, but I and my assistant coach (Jake W) on the day couldn’t be more proud of the team.

Back Row  (left to right): J Willis; A Slaby; T Matthews; J Thomas

Front row (left to right): L Dring; B Caffrey; B Hannon; Z Hughes


Talking Heads by Loudmouth

On Tuesday 23 April, Year 7 watched a performance of Talking Heads by Loudmouth. The performance and discussion workshop covered mental wellbeing, social media, body image and explored the 5 ways to wellbeing. The programme debunked some of the myths around mental health, giving our pupils the space to learn how to talk about mental wellbeing and emotions sensitively. They explored the common types of mental ill health and their possible causes e.g. social media, as well as simple, proven strategies to support positive mental wellbeing e.g. physical exercise. It gave our pupils the skills to recognise the early signs of mental ill health and the knowledge and confidence to know where and how to seek appropriate support. By the end of the session, the pupils had learnt strategies to support positive mental wellbeing and how to critically evaluate how their behaviour effects their own and others’ mental health. The Year 7s asked great questions during the workshop and the feedback from staff and the actors was excellent. These sessions allow us to bring our PSHE curriculum to life and are really valuable for all those involved. 


Attendance Reward Breakfast – Spring 2 April 2024

On 17 April, we hosted our Spring 2 Attendance Reward Breakfast. These breakfasts reward the form in each year group with the highest attendance each half term. The winners were: 7EX1, 8YK1, 9YK1, 10DM1 and 11EX2. Pupils in Years 7-11 with 100% attendance year to date were also invited to attend. A big thanks must go to the catering team who always support these incentives. 


Year 9 Physics Big Quiz

Every year since 2005, The University of Birmingham have organised a BIG QUIZ event for teams of Year 9 students from schools across the city. The event takes place in the Great Hall on campus and there were prizes and trophies for the winning teams and schools. We were super proud to enter 3 teams from Dame Elizabeth Cadbury this year. They showed fantastic subject knowledge, proving just how respectful, and aspirational our young scientists can be. They truly embodied our DEC values, well done!


Parent/Carer Support Workshops

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, we are committed to building partnerships with our parents and doing all we can to keep them informed and help them to support their child’s learning at home.  We are delighted to announce a range of sessions, both virtually and face to face, for the Summer Term to support parents and carers.


Previous Workshops

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Mini Royal Air Force Squadron Trophy

On Saturday 13th April, 6 cadets from Dame Elizabeth Cadbury and Turves Green Boys’ took part in the Mini Royal Air Force Squadron Trophy as part of our ever-growing cadet experience. The team took part in various events which included; leadership, drill, first aid and shooting. Regardless of a small team, the cadets involved put their absolute all into all aspects of the activities and came away with not only experiences made but massive smiles on their faces. A special shout out goes to Lance Corporal Charlie who performed incredibly in his first ever shooting event and to Corporal Britney who scored highly on her first aid activity. Every cadet who took part represented both schools incredibly and were exceptional ambassadors for both schools! A huge well done to everyone involved and a fantastic stepping stone has been made to keep our ever growing and ever evolving contingent moving strong! 


Year 12 Volunteering for the Chocolate 5K

On Saturday 23rd March, a group of our year 12 students volunteered their services at the Chocolate 5K; an event raising money for Birmingham Hospice. The event organisers we’re effusive in their praise and appreciation for our exemplary students who supported on the day. Well done to Shamsa, Jafaar, Megan, Prabjhot, Ella, Tamara, Nafesa, Theirn and Syed for living by our mission statement and showing your desire in making a difference to our local and wider community. A special thank you to Ms Hawtin-Powell who also helped out on the day. 

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