Combined Cadet Force

The CCF continues to parade on a Monday evening between 1500 – 1630hrs. 

Detachment Strength

  1. Prior to Easter holidays the detachment strength sat at 1x SSI, 2x Officers, and 18 Cadets.  As at 18 June 2021 the detachment sits at 1x SSI, 3x Officers, 32 Cadets.  The Year 11 Cadets have now departed school.


  1. On the 11th June Sgt Doble (RAVC) launched the Year 7 recruitment drive during assembly.  Over 50 application forms were released to students, this is in addition to a steady influx of current Year 8/9 students wishing to join the Cadets.
  2. Negotiations are currently taking place with Turves Green Boys School in order to provide them with access to the CCF system.  If approved by Cadet HQ, we will begin by providing 15x spaces for Yr8 pupils. TGBS will provide one member of staff and the pupils will travel to DECS for parade nights.

Current Ops.

  1. Between 7-11th June, Cadet Sgt Dienn and Pilot Officer Wright presented a week-long of assemblies to commemorate the D-Day Landings and what would have been the 100th birthday of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  The culmination was a school-wide two minutes silence held on the 10th June 2021 at 1200hrs.
  2. Throughout the remaining weeks of the school year, the CCF has been consolidating and re-learning skills that haven’t been used since the pandemic.  These have included revising fieldcraft skills such as camouflage & concealment, patrolling, hand signals, and target indication.
  3. With the influx of new recruits and the impending arrival of the School detachment standard we have also been practicing our ceremonial drill. Ensuring that our cadets are competent and look smart has been one of our ‘back to basics’ initiatives. 

Camps/External Activities

  1. Due to the sporadic state of lockdown enforcement and the ongoing pandemic, unfortunately all residential camps were placed on hold.  This has meant that only single day activities have been available, and at a reduced rate. RAFAC HQ by the end of summer holidays hopes that all ‘Blue’ camps can return to normal, allowing us to bid for places in the October half term.

Future Ops.

  1. The school has purchased a Standard (flag) for the Cadet Force which bears the schools name and will become an emblem of pride to the Cadets and wider school. Once this arrives it is proposed that the cadets will parade the standard in a blessing ceremony.
  2. During the enrichment weeks at the end of the summer term, Year 7 students will have a whole afternoon where they will be introduced to a number of activities ran by the Cadet Leaders.  This will be used as a further recruiting tool during the terms to follow.
  3. The school is due to receive its Benweld cabinet to facilitate the storage of cadet weapon systems.  This should be in place by the end of the summer, allowing skill at arms training to begin in September.
  4. With the easing of restrictions external activities will be easier to orchestrate and there is a current plan to enable our junior leaders to attend an NCO Leadership camp in October.

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