World Autism Week

World Autism Acceptance Week is held during the week coinciding with Autism Acceptance Day. This year, it takes place from 27th March – 2nd April. Autism – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), affects mental, behavioural, and social development. The degree to which autism impacts an individual is unique to them since each person’s circumstances are unique. Symptoms appear as early as the first 12 months of life and can last throughout life. Many people with autism can have their symptoms and quality of life improved over time due to strong support networks and coping mechanisms and routines that work for them. 

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School we endeavour to support all of our students who have an ASD diagnosis or are currently awaiting an assessment through a range of resources including outside agency support from our Communication and Autism Lead Link teacher, Anne Seymour, Pupil School Support Services and the Educational Psychology Service. We also offer ‘in house’ support ranging from RSPCA therapy, Social Interaction Groups, Mental Health support and Success counselling.  

World Autism Acceptance Week first started as Autism Awareness Week back in 2007. It happened in a time of great need for more awareness of autism and what it means. Before autism became as understood and recognised as it is today, many misconceptions surrounded it. 

This Week is a global chance to raise awareness of autism and, more importantly, the week is spent advocating for the acceptance of autism and those who fall into the spectrum.

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