Year 8 – Aiming Higher

Our brilliant Year 8 pupils had a fantastic opportunity last half term to take a ‘sneak-peak’ at their futures during an action-packed day at two local universities.  In partnership with Aim Higher West Midlands, on Thursday 11th April, pupils visited the University of Birmingham and University College Birmingham to be part of the ‘Explore Your Future’ event. The event gave pupils the chance to take part in exciting and interactive workshops from leading university professionals in areas such as science, robotics, art and business. Pupils were inspired by the fabulous opportunity to experience university life and be involved in live-action workshops.

The opening phase of the day was spent at the University of Birmingham. Here pupils explored the link between GCSEs and their perfect career; how might their GCSE ‘portfolio’ prepare them for a career in a thriving and competitive industry? Another session included a revealing exploration of how robotics is influencing modern life and the intricacies of how science, maths and robotics continue to be pivotal in everyday life and society.

Following this, pupils were whisked off to their second inspirational location of the day: University College Birmingham. Following a quick ‘re-fuel’ stop for lunch, pupils attended a particularly useful workshop that explored the important skill of networking and presenting yourself in a positive way. This covered all aspects of being successful at interviews to adopting the correct tone and approach when working within individual sectors.

The climax of this incredible careers day involved uncovering the real pathway for success with a presentation exploring problem solving in business. With secret tips from leading educational and business experts, experience of university seminars and a genuine understanding of which doors university can open, our pupils now have the insider-knowledge on how to make it big in education and the business world!

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