An outstanding start to the year

It has been an outstanding start to the new academic year. Pupils have settled back into their routines quickly and their work ethic has been superb; they really have started as they mean to go on.

Year 7 have made a tremendous start too. Whilst they are still learning their way around our school site, staff have been so complimentary about their manners, diligence and aspiration to succeed. I have also been overwhelmed by the parental emails received providing feedback on new year 7’s, many of whom have returned home beaming about their experiences at school in the first week. Thank you all who have taken the time to email in with this great feedback. For ongoing updates of everything going on at DEC, please check our website regularly and follow us on social media: twitter @followdectc.

Well done to all pupils for such a strong start to the new school year and to all parents/ carers for supporting your children to be so ready to start back.

Parking Fines and Penalty Points

As parents you will also be settling into your new, or continued school run by car doing the daily pick up and drop off. Sadly, due to several instance of both illegal and dangerous parking at the end of the school day, I have had no choice but to involve West Midlands Police who will be running several ticketing visits over the coming weeks. Senior staff will also be at the front of school to take photographic evidence of illegal/ dangerous parking – all of which will be forwarded to West Midlands Police. Support from other parents is greatly appreciated and requested. If you see illegal or dangerous parking please forward any evidence from photographs or dash-cams directly to me via The children’s safety is our primary concern and anything which puts them at risk simply can’t and won’t be allowed.

As always we encourage the use of public transport, bicycles and walking to school. Small groups of local friends are a great way of setting up a coordinated ‘walk to school’ plan so youngsters are not walking to school alone.

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