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On Monday 7th February, the exam boards released their Advance Information, which is intended to help you prioritise your revision. The pupil guide written by the JCQ, who speak on behalf of all of the exam boards, is available here and we recommend everybody reads it carefully:


A key point in the guide is this: “Your revision plans should take account of everything you have been taught.” 

Why should you need to “take account of everything” even if everything is not listed in the Advance Information?

When we learn new things, we build on top of things we have learned previously. Even if we are not asked exam questions about those things we learned first, we might still need that knowledge to understand what we learned later.

For instance, if the Advance Information specifies that there will be questions on Units 2 and 3 but not Unit 1, you might still need to have a good understanding of the material from Unit 1 to be able to answer questions on Units 2 and 3.

Your teachers will explain to you how this works in each of your subjects.

Here is the Advance Information for all of the subjects we teach.

GCSEs – Click HERE

A Levels – Click HERE

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