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On Wednesday 28th June our Year 9 and 10 Spanish students were treated to a performance of “Mi personalidad” by Onatti Productions, specialists in producing interactive Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) plays. The play was performed by native-speaking actors. 

The play, performed entirely in Spanish, was all about a teenager called Fernando who was looking for his new identity as he started university and his worries about not being able to make friends. Fernando tries to reinvent himself by trying out different personalities including being a sportsman, an activist, a fashion icon and a Goth with help from our pupils and mysterious visitors who climb through his window. Well done to Olivia S, Isaac A, George E, Abbi F, Tom G, Grace B.

There was laughter and audience participation throughout as we empathised with poor Fernando, helping him with his gym timetable, advising on his fashion choices and pondering the differences between being a Goth and an Emo. Ultimately, he gives up and realises he should just be true to himself and by doing that, he makes his first friend at college.

The play was a great opportunity for our linguists to boost their confidence in understanding Spanish as well as enriching their appreciation of the language beyond the classroom. We look forward to welcoming Onatti back to Dame Elizabeth for MFL plays in the future!

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