Summer Exams FAQs

Everything you need to know about exams in Summer 2022

When are my exams?

Year 11 pupils and year 13 students have been issued with a personalised exam timetable. Should you need to look up when an exam is taking place, you can check it on the overall exam timetable here:

What happens after an exam in the afternoon?

If the exam finishes after 2:40pm, pupils will be dismissed straight from the exam and will be allowed to make their way home immediately after the exam. Pupils can remain on site, if transport is not due to collect them until 3pm.

What are the rules? Can I wear a watch?

The rules of examinations are the same for all schools. You can read them in full here:

Watches are not allowed. Mobile phones are not allowed, even if turned off. Pupils need to put anything which is not allowed in their bag or hand it in to the exam invigilator.

This poster is in every exam venue to remind pupils:

We must inform the exam boards of any rule breaking. This includes people turning around in their seats, which counts as an attempt to communicate to others. Anyone who breaks an exam rule may be disqualified from that qualification and it may jeopardise their other qualifications.

What if I’m ill, injured or something bad happens which I couldn’t do anything about?

Special Consideration is given to a candidate who has temporarily experienced illness, injury or some other event outside of their control at the time of the assessment. It is the responsibility of pupils and parents/carers to inform the school of what has happened, either right before or immediately after the exam. Even in extreme circumstances (such as the death of an immediate family member), the maximum allowance given by the exams authority is 5% additional marks.

You can read the full details here:

What if I test positive for Covid or have a high temperature on the day of one of my exams?

Follow public health advice and do not attend school.

The exams for each subject have been spaced a minimum of 10 days apart so if a pupil misses one exam for a subject they will be able to do the others. Their marks from the exams they do complete will be used to inform their final overall grade. If they miss all of the exams for a subject, they will not gain that qualification.

If anyone does have to miss an exam due to Covid, they will follow the same Special Consideration process described above. The only difference is that they and their parent/carer will need to complete the relevant sections of a special form (called Form 14) and we can verify the contents.

There is more detailed information here:

What if I miss an exam because I forget about it, or any other reason that wouldn’t fall under Special Consideration?

You will be charged the full amount for that exam entry.

What can parents do to support their children?

We have produced this guide:

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