Parents Wellbeing Sessions

The living well consortium are offering parents free wellbeing sessions. Some are based at their centre and some are online and can be enjoyed within your home. The following link will take you to their information and timetable.


Snapchat concern

As parents/carers your children may use Snapchat. Please take the time to read this BBC article regarding a 14year old boy who responded to an advert on Snapchat regarding cash in hand work and within 80 minutes was picked up by a gang and groomed into County Lines drug dealing.

Articles such as this are a great way to discuss online safety, social media and check your child’s phone.


Family Money Advice Services

These are difficult times financially for many individuals and families.

  • Do you need advice on your entitlement to welfare benefit?
  • Do you have debts & need help managing your money?

If so, please do not hesitate to seek help, advice and support from accredited organisations acting on behalf of Birmingham City Council.    

Confidential advice is available over the telephone from qualified advisors and without any charge whatsoever to Birmingham residents.

  • North Birmingham: Sutton, Erdington, Shard End

Spitfire Advice Services: Tel: 0121 747 5932

  • South Birmingham: Edgbaston, Selly Oak, Northfield

Citizens Advice Birmingham: Tel:0344 477 1010

  • East Birmingham: Hodge Hill, Yardley, Hall Green

Citizens Advice Birmingham: Tel:0344 477 1010

  • West & Central Birmingham: Ladywood & Perry Barr

Birmingham Settlement: Tel:  0121 250 0765

Alternatively, contact Birmingham City Council’s Contact Centre for a range of advice (welfare benefits, council tax, housing & more) on 0121 216 3030.


*(Most advice providers operate between 10am & 4pm Monday to Friday and, at times, extend advice services beyond those core hours.)


Homework and Self-quizzing

As we have returned back to face to face teaching, we took the decision to re-introduce homework through a staggered approach to support the pupils settling back into school. By now, all pupils should be receiving and completing homework in line with the homework timetable and for all lessons.  It is important that pupils take responsibility for writing their homework tasks into their planners and we ask that you check this with them on a weekly basis and sign their planner to show you have checked it and discussed the work set. Pupils complete their tasks in a homework book rather than their classwork book and they are expected to bring this to school on days when homework is due in.

The majority of homework tasks will be self-quizzing which is proven to significantly improve the retention of information in the long-term memory through retrieval practice. There’s lots of educational research on how re-calling information from memory actually helps us to improve our memory over time. As a result, this means that pupils who regularly complete self-quizzing homework are more likely to achieve the best grades they are capable of. Self-quizzing also promotes good learning habits such as improved organisation and resilience.

So what does self-quizzing look like? Pupils will be asked to revise a topic, expected to put their notes away, and then re-call as much as they can; writing what they can remember in their homework book. When pupils have exhausted this, they should then use their notes to add detail in a different colour. This will help them to identify what they need to pay special attention to next time they are revising. Their teachers will check that homework is complete to the correct standard on a weekly basis. Although self-quizzing will form a significant part of homework for most subjects, there will be times when a different task is set. For example, sometimes a project might be more appropriate in DT or pupils may need to answer a past exam question or research a given topic. Some subjects set homework supported by online resources such as GCSEPod or Seneca. Pupils will need to ensure that they know their log in details well in advance of the deadline for any homework being due in.

Homework is always intended to support pupils learning and progress. We are also keen to make sure that pupils have time to relax and feel fresh and ready for the next day at school.  Homework should take no more than 60-70 minutes of homework per evening.


SEND & Inclusion

We are really impressed with the resilience our pupils have shown since returning to school on 8th March.  For many pupils with additional needs the stark contrast of lockdown, to being in a busy school environment, is not easy.  But with the support from the inclusion and pastoral team, and from our teachers, they have settled in, and are now back to enjoying their lessons, and their interactions with their peers.

Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, we have increased our literacy interventions in order to close any of the gaps that have been caused by lost learning time.  This means we have many more pupils studying Lexia on a daily basis, which will help with their reading and general literacy skills.

We have also been working hard to support pupils with SEND needs in lessons, which is having a really positive impact on our pupils, and the progress they are making.

It has been lovely to be able to meet (albeit virtually) with parents of Year 9 and Year 10 pupils to offer a 15 minute appointment where we can discuss needs and support required.  Thank you to parents/carers that attended those appointments.  We will be in touch soon with our year 7 and 8 pupils to arrange this opportunity which will become a termly offer, in the new academic year.

Assistive Technology

All pupils have free access to Microsoft Office via RM Unify.  Simply head to rmunify.com and ask your child to enter their school username and password.

Pupils are then able to open a MS Word document, and select the ‘dictate’ function, which has a microphone icon.  Pressing this allows the user to speak, and the computer will type.  This will be really helpful for those pupils who find it difficult to get their ideas down on paper.  If you’d like any further support, please contact us at enquiry@decschool.co.uk 

There has been a lot of work taking place by the Educational Psychology Service, offering all families in Birmingham access to the Friends ‘Start Building Resilience’ package at no cost to families or the school. This resource enables parents to help equip their children with strategies that will either prevent or address early signs of anxiety or low mood.

This package includes:

  • Access to a 2-hour video aimed at equipping adults and teenagers with resilience building skills (this can be watched in small sections).
  • Access to an e-book per relevant age group:

Start building resilience for adults and teenagers

Start building resilience for children

Start building resilience for young children

To access this package, families just need to email Friends4Families@birmingham.gov.uk with their child’s name and school. In response, they will receive a standard email containing an access code to the relevant age appropriate e-book and instructions of how to log onto the website.



A huge well done to DEC students that have been completing Bedrock sessions from home. 

The dedication that you have shown, and the progress that you have made, is great to see! 

Keep up the hard work 🙂


World Book Day

Pupils will have access to the following literacy and reading resources for World Book Day 2021: 

  • literacy quiz (complete and enter to win points and prizes) 
  • reading podcasts (listen to a range of authors and attend live literacy-based broadcasts) 
  • short stories (years 7-10 – read and engage with tasks) 

Click on the following link to watch free bespoke videos by some of Britain’s best authors and artists; we highly recommend listening to Michael Rosen and Benjamin Zephaniah discuss rhythm, rhyme, and poems – https://bournvillebookfest.com/schools


Safer Internet Day 2021

On Tuesday, 9 February 2021, we will celebrate the 18th edition of Safer Internet Day with actions taking place right across the globe. With a theme once again of “Together for a better internet”, the day calls upon all stakeholders to join together to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially for children and young people.

Read on to find out more about practical ways in which you can get involved in the celebrations. Whether you are a young person, a parent or carer, a teacher or an educator, a policy maker, or whether you represent an organisation or industry, everyone has a role to play in creating and maintaining a better online world.

And, noting the global reach of the Safer Internet Day campaign, on this site you’ll also be able to discover more about the planned actions of European Safer Internet Centres, global Safer Internet Day Committees and a range of organisational and industry supporters – we’re progressively updating profiles for the 2021 campaign, so please check back often for the latest updates.



The BIG Anti Bullying Award

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School has achieved the BIG Award for Excellence in Challenging Bullying for the second time.  This award is achieved by meeting all of our stringent criteria and demonstrating that the school has a wide range of anti-bullying strategies in place, including an excellent anti-bullying policy, a peer support scheme and staff training. 

This is the best way to reduce bullying, and ensure that students can learn and socialise in a happy and caring environment. 

Well done to all staff and students. 

Val McFarlane, Director, Bullying Intervention Group (BIG Award).


Christmas Menu

On Tuesday 15th December we will be serving a traditional Christmas menu for pupils at the cost of £2.40.


TikTok Updated Parental Controls

ONLINE SAFETY UPDATE – TikTok Update Parental Controls with Family Pairing Feature 

TikTok is used by many teenagers and sometimes children younger than that 13 despite its terms and conditions. Using the new Family Pairing feature can allow parents to guide their child’s TikTok experience in a safer way. Features include:

  • Search: Decide what can be searched for. This includes content, users, hashtags, or sounds
  • Screen Time Management: Sets how long your teen can spend on TikTok each day
  • Discoverability: Decide on the account being private (you decide who can see their content) or public (anyone can search and view content)

To find out more information about TikTok’s Family Pairing feature and to download a helpful poster to share with pupils and parents, go to: https://swgfl.org.uk/magazine/tiktok-update-parental-controls-with-family-pairing-feature/


Anti-bullying Week 2020

Dame Elizabeth pupils have been taking part in anti-bullying week, wearing blue to show support to the cause. Lots of pupils have also taken part in our United against bullying “what part will you play” competition, below you will see some of their fantastic entries. Well done everyone!

Following updated guidance released yesterday, face coverings should be worn in communal areas by all pupils, unless they are exempt.

Please ensure your child is equipped with a face covering this morning.

Sixth Form Open Evening will take place on Thursday 25th November 2021.

Our Sixth Form Open Evening is always busy, therefore, we are splitting the evening into two. There will be an entry time at 5:00pm and 5:45pm.

Please book a slot here - https://bit.ly/3oC8ej7

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