Virtual Open Evening

September 2020

Welcome to DEC. Despite the challenges we are currently living through, we hope our virtual open event will provide you with many of the opportunities you would have enjoyed if we were able to meet you in person. You will see from the open event package we are providing that we have some extremely talented teachers at DEC who work incredibly hard to bring out the very best in all our pupils. You couldn’t be in a better place when it comes to the best teachers and a superb curriculum. We are so pleased you are considering us as your school of choice. 

September 2021 Admissions

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury is a mixed, comprehensive academy, providing for the 11 to 19 age range. The admission number for Year 7 in September 2021 is 130 pupils. In 2020 we received 1295 preferences, the last child admitted lived 1.762 km from the school.

Prospectus 2021/22

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Welcome Video

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Core Information

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Past Results Information

“Hard work beats talent” has become a reality for Year 11 who have surpassed all DEC records and achieved the best ever results in the school’s history - August 2019. 

Additional Support

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Here at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School, we are very passionate about the environment we provide our pupils during their journey through school. We are very proactive with the safeguarding offer we provide our pupils and parents. One of the areas in the school where a wide variety of school-based interventions and early help work takes place is in our ‘Believe Centre.’

We know through a pupils’ school life they may experience a range of challenges or difficulties, so we have created a bespoke range of interventions to support pupils and families. Our school social work team also operate from The Believe Centre. Our interventions usually last for 6 weeks, however, following this 6 weeks there may be further supported or signposting needed. We also have built up a network of multi-agency partners that deliver intervention to our pupils within the Believe Centre.

We have some very experienced and knowledgeable staff that lead the provision in the Believe Centre, whom are passionate in providing expert support and care to our pupils and family.

The range of interventions we offer include areas such as:

  • Mental Health
  • Self Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Cancer-related support (Help Harry Help Others)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Food Bank Vouchers
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • RSPCA Therapy
  • Anger Management

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, we pride ourselves on the fact that all pupils achieve their best potential, including our most disadvantaged pupils, who currently achieve well above the national average.

We believe that our disadvantaged pupils’ personal and academic success stems from our nurturing, yet structured, approach to support throughout their education with us. We strive to ensure every child in our care leaves school with an excellent range of qualifications coupled with the skills to make a positive contribution to their community and wider Britain.
There are a number of elements of our support package for disadvantaged pupils that we assess on a case-to-case basis:

  • Contributions towards uniform, stationary and other essential items required for schooling (e.g. revision guides).
  • Tailored intervention before, during and after school, where appropriate.
  • Individual contributions towards school trips to enable pupils to experience cultural trips which enhance them on a personal and academic level.
  • Mentoring and tuition for year 11 from The University of Birmingham undergraduate specialist mentors.
  • Mentoring from AimHigher West Midlands for year 10 pupils in order to encourage progression through to higher education.
  • Attendance group intervention sees intensive work with our lowest attendees. This involves increasing attendance and punctuality through various incentives whilst putting the wellbeing of the child at the heart of the programme.
  • Deliberate planning of key cultural capital knowledge in all of our curriculum.
  • Rich extra-curricular provision which enables pupils to experience sports or other activities they may not have a chance to elsewhere.
  • Pupil Pledge challenges see a ‘bucket list’ of goals and experiences that we encourage our pupils to work through during their time at Dame Elizabeth Cadbury. Pupils graduate at the end of every year having had an opportunity to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. For example, we encourage learning to ride a bike, being able to prepare their family a three-course meal and raising funds for a charity close to their heart.

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury, we believe that every pupil deserves the right to succeed in all aspects of their life and with our carefully thought out key ingredients, they do.

Mr Rackham is our Inclusion Leader & Senco.

We currently have three full-time Learning Inclusion Leaders. Mrs Hipwood (Lead Learning Inclusion Leader), Mrs Cumberpatch and Ms Butler.

This triangle is an excellent way to demonstrate the three levels of tied support for pupils with an additional need. Wave 1 refers to High Quality Teaching that all pupils receive in their lessons. Wave 2 and Wave 3 apply where more targeted support and intervention is required outside of the classroom. This might also include the involvement of outside agencies, such as the Educational Psychologist, Communication and Autism Worker, Pupil and School Support teacher.

At Dame Elizabeth Cadbury we offer a wide range of intervention programmes to support pupils. Some of these are explained below.

Homework club provides a place for those with SEND to work in a supportive environment out of school hours, improving independent learning skills. Any pupil who would benefit from further support with homework is encouraged to attend.
The Inclusion Team delivers an effective Maths intervention. IDL Numeracy is a maths software resource that helps to improve ability for low-attaining learners in mathematics. IDL is a computer-based programme that is tailored to each individual pupil. It runs adjacent to the Maths curriculum and covers seven mathematical principles: Bonds, Counting, Sequencing, Patterns, Number Value, Place Value and Arithmetic. The progress for individual students who participated in last year’s trial was exceptionally positive.
A number of students currently participate in CatchUp Literacy. CatchUp Literacy is a structured one-to-one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. It enables struggling readers to achieve more than double the progress of typically developing readers. CatchUp Literacy uses a book-based approach to support learners in their reading of a book so they activate both dimensions of reading – word recognition processes (including phonics) and language comprehension processes. It is suitable for all struggling readers whose Reading Age is significantly below their Chronological Age.
Lexia’s latest technology-led program is designed to enhance English Language instruction and drive the academic success of secondary-age students. This highly engaging online solution offers personalised instruction in the following areas: Word Study, Grammar and Comprehension. Identified students attend the 20-minute Lexia intervention every morning during form time registration. Lexia motivates and challenges students in an engaging, personalised on-line environment.
The Social Interaction Group (SIG) intervention strategy is an in-house support programme. The primary purpose of SIG intervention is to support specific pupils who have difficulty dealing with the many social aspects of life, aimed at breaking down barriers. It is a twice-weekly discussion-based programme that takes place for 5 weeks in small groups of up to 6 pupils. A referral system ensures accurate identification of pupils.
Each term, we organise a SEND Coffee Morning, aimed at building a positive school, home and student relationship. It is always reassuring to meet new parents and carers at these events. They provide the opportunity to inform, celebrate and discuss all the goes on within the Inclusion Team to support pupils with additional needs.
In collaboration with the Inclusion Team specific students, whose primary language is not English, receive support in mastering their use of the English language.
The Believe Centre continues to provide outstanding provision for pupils who might require additional support arising from a range of more complex and personal needs. There is a robust referral system in place, whereby students access a bespoke intervention package over a 6-week period.
Meeting the needs of SEND pupils is a key priority for the school. As such, there is a continual focus on teacher and whole-staff training. Discrete training for staff has been written into the CPD calendar, with external SEND professionals forming part of the programme, aimed at improving teaching, learning and outcomes for those with particular needs.
In order to provide for those who feel overwhelmed or in need of a quiet space during social time, we operate the CORR Room at break and lunch.

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